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New anti-static space chamber – no priming required

Medical Developments International Ltd, the Australian manufacturer of healthcare products, has announced the launch of a new anti-static version of the Space Chamber Plus®. “This is a very important development,” says European Business Development Manager Adrian Gee-Turner. “The original Space Chamber Plus features a very clever design and has become extremely popular; however, it requires priming before each use. In contrast, the new anti-static version does not require priming.

“The avoidance of the need for priming is a major advantage because this will potentially save a substantial amount of medication, and therefore cost, and it will also reduce the frequency with which pMDIs need to be replaced.”

Apart from its anti-static properties, the new version is exactly the same in every other respect, with the same popular features. Practice Nurse Caroline Ursell comments: “I love these spacers because they are compact and user friendly. They can go in the dishwasher and they are easy to take apart and put back together again. I prescribe them regularly to my respiratory patients, and I am looking forward to the anti-static version becoming available, as this will aid in drug deposition because it does not rely on the person priming the spacer to minimise the static. I also like the fact that the MDI fits inside the compact spacer, so it reduces storage space. They are a big hit with my patients.”

Further details on the Anti-Static Space Chamber Plus® and its role in the delivery of asthma and COPD medication, are available at

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16 Feb 2018

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