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Asthma spacer manufacturer offers free ‘Joey Bags’

The benefits of using a spacer with an asthma inhaler are well documented but Adrian Gee-Turner from spacer manufacturer Medical Developments UK says: “For reasons of convenience the majority of asthmatics still apply their inhalers directly to the mouth, so we have developed two solutions. Firstly, we designed our spacers so that most inhalers can be stored inside them, and secondly, for a limited period, we are giving away ‘Joey Bags,’ – colourful drawstring bags with a name tag so that asthma sufferers, and especially children, can store and transport their inhaler and anti-static spacer together in a convenient, clean bag.”

The Joey Bags are available on request from UK distributor Henleys Medical by emailing

Jo, a primary school teacher in Northamptonshire, has three asthmatic children in her class, she says: “It is my responsibility to collect puffers and spacers from the children, and of course it is essential that each child’s medication is quick and easy to identify when it is needed. The Joey bags are the perfect solution – a simple idea, but the best ideas often are!”

The main purpose of a spacer is to slow down the administration of the medication so that a higher proportion reaches the lungs. “Failure to use a spacer can result in the deposition of medication at the back of the throat,” Adrian says. “As a result, the drug is swallowed instead of entering the lungs, which is a waste of money and can limit the effect of the drug and cause excessive use of the inhaler.”

“The aim is to make it easier and more convenient to carry a spacer with an inhaler,” says Henley Medical’s Colette Cooper. “We hope that the Joey bags will help achieve this goal and urge everyone to request a Joey Bag before the free offer expires.”

Further details on the Space Chamber plus® are available at

Henleys Medical Supplies
11 Jan 2017

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