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HEINE DELTA30 & DELTAone Dermatoscope range launched in UK


As secondary care distributor of the world renowned HEINE range of diagnostic products, Henleys Medical are proud to announce the launch of the NEW DELTA30 and DELTAone Dermatoscopes.

Not only would the new high-end dermatoscope win any beauty pageant; it stands out due to the best imaging HEINE have ever developed.

Henleys are the only UK distributor to offer a full 6 year warranty (normally 5 years) but Henleys are also able to offer full support, training and demonstrations.

Click HERE to read more about the exciting new DELTA30 dermatoscope………….

Click HERE to read more about the exciting new DELTAone dermatoscope………..

Scott Henley
17 Oct 2019

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