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BiteMe – Perioperative Bite Block Launched in UK


BiteMeTM is a purpose designed, air-filled, soft plastic bite block to prevent dental trauma and airway device (ETT or LMA) damage in anaesthetised patients in the operating theatre or post anaesthetic care unit.

BiteMeTM is different

BiteMeTM is made of a very strong, but soft, plastic that resists the shear forces of a human bite very well.

The combination of the soft plastic surrounding a closed air-filled space means that when a patient bites down, there are two forces opposing the bite.

This means the BiteMeTM is has a spongey recoil and is therefore less likely to damage the teeth compared to a guedel airway; which have been shown to increase the risk of dental trauma1.

Many practitioners use rolled pieces of gauze as bite blocks, but these have to be “constructed”, may be difficult to insert, often are ineffective and cost more than most people think (average cost of 4 pieces of gauze, tape and time to construct = around 40 – 60c).

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Scott Henley
4 Feb 2020

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