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The new HEINE DELTA 30 Dermatoscope.

Not only would our new high-end dermatoscope win any beauty pageant; it stands out due to the best imaging we’ve ever developed. Combined with a field of view measuring a veritable 30 millimetres and unprecedented colour rendering, in LEDHQ of course.

6 Year warranty – Only available in the UK from Henleys Medical Supplies.

Learn about LEDHQ on the Heine website Polarisation provides glare-free and non-reflective working conditions. Above all else, it is comfortable to operate with its angled, ergonomic design and intuitive control. Feel free to take a look – you’re in or a real discovery.

  • Largest true field of view of 30mm (lens 32mm) Ø
  • Extremely sharp image with the new achromatic HEINE optical system
  • Ergonomic handling due to angled product design
  • Excellent colour rendering due to LEDHQ
  • Digital documentation with the exclusive HEINE DERM app
  • Fast change from contact to non-contact examination
  • Crystal clear image, no matter if you prefer a closer or greater working distance
  • Polarisation eliminates reflections and glare
  • Brightness control: 3 levels of light intensity
  • Easily cleaned with spray disinfectant
  • 10x magnification
  • No cross-contamination: autoclavable contact plate with scale
  • Dioptre compensation
  • Switch between polarised and non-polarised illumination made at the touch of a button = toggle function. For more information, please visit
  • Rechargeable battery with Li-ion technology: no memory effect; safely recharge the battery regardless of its state of charge
  • Small contact plate for difficult-to-access pigmented lesions
  • Table charging station Charger 30

3 possibilities of digital documentation:

  • With the exclusive HEINE Derm App via iPhone* for model 6 or later: Bodymap, patient folder, e-mail function and much more
  • Wireless with the HEINE Cube System for up to 10 doctors and HEINE dermatoscopes
  • Conventional digital images with many popular smartphones

The DELTA 30 dermatoscopes can also be combined with an iPhone* from version 6 upwards using the (also new) adapter. The HEINE DERM App lets you create patient files, manage and archive pictures, and save the serial documentation of progression over time. The HEINE DERM App is easy to install and the software is simple and intuitive to use.

HEINE DELTA 30 at a glance

HEINE DELTA30 Dermatoscope





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To Download – HEINE DELTA30 Dermatoscope literature click HERE

* The Apple iPhone is not included in the scope of delivery. Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. 


Digital images of the highest quality

Meaningful and detailed digital images of the highest quality help to make documentation binding and understandable. The combination of the HEINE DELTA 30 PRO or HEINE DELTA 30, the HEINE SLR | SLM camera adapter and a DSLR or DSLM camera creates a comprehensive system for documenting consistently high-quality images.

  • Highest optical resolution
  • Highest visibility of details
  • Easy refocussing
  • Improved visibility of the smallest structures thanks to digital post-magnification

HEINE DELTA 30 Dermatoscope with contact plate with scale, USB cord with medical approved plug-in power supply, case

Product Code K-230.28.305

Table charger for DELTA 30 / DELTA 30 PRO

Product Code X-002.99.212

Contact plate with scale for DELTA 30 / DELTA 30 PRO

Product Code K-000.34.220

Small contact plate for DELTA 30 / DELTA 30 PRO. For the examination of difficult-to-access pigmented lesions.

Product Code K-000.34.206

Mounting case smartphone for Apple iPhone 6 / 6s* suitable for DELTA 30 / DELTA 30 PRO / DELTAone

Product Code K-000.34.260

Mounting case smartphone for Apple iPhone 7 / 8* suitable for DELTA 30 / DELTA 30 PRO / DELTAone

Product Code K-000.34.261

Mounting case smartphone for Apple iPhone X / XS* suitable for DELTA 30 / DELTA 30 PRO / DELTAone

Product Code K-000.34.262

Mounting case smartphone for Apple iPhone XR* suitable for DELTA 30 / DELTA 30 PRO / DELTAone

Product Code K-000.34.263

Universal Smartphone Connector. Suitable for many common smartphone mounting cases. Connector suitable for mobile phone cases with a smooth surface where the camera mustn’t protrude from the case.

Product Code K-000.34.270

DELTA30 / DELTA 30 PRO Universal Smartphone Adaptor(Clamp-on). Suitable for many common smartphones where a removable clamp is preferred

Product Code K-000.34.272

Distance working ring

Product Code k-000.34.103

Universal SLR Adaptor HEINE

Product Code K-000.34.140

Canon EF(S) SLR Adaptor HEINE

Product Code K-000.34.141

Canon M SLR Adaptor HEINE

Product Code K-000.34.143

Canon R(F) SLR Adaptor HEINE

Product Code K-000.34.142

Nikon F SLR Adaptor HEINE

Product Code K-000.34.144

Nikon Z SLR Adaptor HEINE

Product Code K-000.34.145

Sony E SLR Adaptor HEINE

Product Code K-000.34.146

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