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Xprecia™ PT/INR Test Strips and Liquid Quality Control

Xprecia™ Stride PT/INR Test Strips

Xprecia Stride™ PT/INR Test Strips are designed for use with the Xprecia Stride™ Coagulation Analyser. Each test strip contains specially formulated dry reagents which allow PT/INR to be measured by the Xprecia Stride™. These reagents trigger the electrochemical detection which enables quick and precise results that correlates with bench-top analyzers in the laboratory.

Xprecia™ Liquid Quality Controls (LQC) for use with Xprecia Prime ™ and Xprecia Stride Anaysers

PT/INR Liquid Quality Control Kit for the use with any Xprecia™ Coagulation Analyzer. The Xprecia™ Systems PT Controls kit contains assayed controls for the assessment of precision and accuracy in the normal (Liquid Quality Control PT1) and therapeutic (Liquid Quality Control PT2) range for the prothrombin time (PT). They must be used with the corresponding Xprecia™ PT/INR Strips for the analyser.

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Xprecia™ Stride PT/INR Test Strips

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Xprecia™ Liquid Quality Controls (LQC)

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