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TRITEMP™ Non-Contact Thermometer

Manufactured in the UK by TriMedika TRITEMP™ is a new non contact infrared thermometer for clinical use, giving easy, fast and accurate body temperature reading. Designed in the UK, its ergonomically designed angled head ensures optimal orientation for sensor alignment, easy of use and user comfort. TRITEMP™ requires ZERO probe covers, offering up to x 5 cost savings when compared with other types of thermometers used in hospitals today.


  • ZERO consumables
  • ZERO contact with the patient for optimal infection control
  • Never touch the patient so readings can be taken when patient is resting
  • Accuracy 0.2°C (0.4°F)
  • Temperature reading in 1 second; rapid results saves staff time
  • Ease of use – simple user lead interface
  • Backlit screen with Green, Amber and Red indicator


Improved User Experience

TRITEMP™ is quick and easy as it never touches the patient. Optimise time spent with patients. No need to waste valuable time restocking single use consumables. Read More…



Quality + Reliability

Combining the best of UK design with the highest global manufacturing standards. Read More…


Real-time data transfer to EMR

TriMedika is developing Connected vital signs devices to enable hospitals to deliver on the ‘paperless system’ goal. Telehealth options for at home monitoring. Read More…


ZERO contact = ZERO consumables

TRITEMP™ will enable hospitals to eliminate the use of plastic consumables in temperature measurement. Read More…

TRITEMP™ Accessories


  • Robust silicone pouch for storage
  • Can be attached to obs trolley or medirail
  • H 11cms x W 6cms
  • Molded to fit TRITEMP
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Tether Available


  • Laser cut stainless steel
  • Wall mount directly on wall
  • Attach to V-plate clamp for medirail
  • Tether point for Silicone Holder


  • Coiled tether
  • Braided Kevlar core
  • Matt Black Finish
  • 150cms when extended
  • Carabiner hook with hexagonal lock

How to use TriTemp

TriTemp Approved Settings

TRITEMP™ TR1 Non-Contact Infrared Clinical Thermometer

Product Code TR1

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Silcone Pouch for TRITEMP™

Product Code PP-TR1

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Metal Wall Mount for TRITEMP™

Product Code WM-TR1

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Security Tether for TRITEMP™

Product Code ST-TR1

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Blackbody Calibration Check Device for TRITEMP™

Product Code BB-TR1

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