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Tender Grips Nasal Cannula Securement

Tender Grips®

Designed to hold the Salter nasal cannula head tubing and facepiece in position, this unique skin fixation system was developed for easy application and comfortable use. It allows the skin to breath, leaving no messy residue, while being practically invisible.


  • Leaves no messy adhesive residue on skin or tubing
  • Easily applied, contours to the skin
  • Closure is simple to engage. Allows for limited tubing adjustment
  • Practically invisible when worn
  • Permeable to heat and humidity


  • Adheres and secures where other products fail. Designed as an improvement to tape
  • Virtually no patient discomfort or irritation
  • Holds securely without adhesion loss
  • Cosmetically acceptable
  • Moisture resistant. Maintains adhesion. Designed for prolonged

Salter Tender Grips

Product Code 1005

Size Adult

Pack Qty Small Pack (25)

Salter Tender Grips

Product Code 1006

Size Adult

Pack Qty Large Pack (100)

Salter Tender Grips

Product Code 1007

Size Infant

Colour 25

Salter Tender Grips

Product Code 1008

Size Newborn

Pack Qty 25

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