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Opticlar SL280 Hand-Held Slit Lamp

The Opticlar SL280 is a lightweight, portable slit-lamp, designed to provide optimal flexibility in all examination conditions. Ergonomically designed to put all controls at the users fingertips and with a wide choice of settings included – SL280 achieves a perfect view of the patient whilst being comfortable and easy to use for the practitioner.

Illumination is provided by the Opticlar True-Tone LED source, with adjustable brightness to suit all patients and ambient conditions. With excellent colour-rendering properties, True-Tone LED gives a true-to-life image, to make your diagnosis as easy and accurate as possible. Power is provided by a Lithium rechargeable battery, situated in the handle of the instrument and charged by placing the SL280 in the dedicated desk charger. The charger stand is compact, convenient to use and even has a slot to charge a second battery should you wish!

LED Truetone


Technical Specifications

  • Optic – Binoculars converging at 13d
  • Magnifications – Choice of 10x or 16x via selection lever
  • 10x Working Distance – Approx 90mm
  • 16x Working Distance – Approx 72mm
  • Field of View – 10x Approx 14mm
  • Field of View – 16x Approx 11mm
  • PD Range – 50mm to 78mm
  • Ocular Adjustment – +/- 7 dioptres
  • Size – 163mm x 124mm x 205mm Slit Lamp, 215mm x 135mm x 30mm Docking station
  • Weight – 880 grams Slit Lamp, 290 grams Docking Station
  • Apertures – Slits – 0.15/0.5/0.8/1.6mm. Circle 12mm dia. 1mm square
  • Filters – Green (red free)/Cobalt Blue/Neutral density 0.8/Clear
  • Illumination Control – Continuously variable from 1000 lux (min) to 40,000 lux (max)
  • Power Supply – 12v/2A
  • Complies With – BS EN 60601-1:2006 / EN60601-1-2:2007
  • 10 year LED warranty, 5 year manufacturer guarantee

Opticlar SL280 Hand-Held Slit Lamp

Product Code 100.050.300

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