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Cauteries – Low Temperature

Bovie manufacture four different cauteries specifically designed for ophthalmology. These patented Bovie RAM™ cauteries have an impressive four-year shelf-life and are quite simply the best cauteries ever made. With a variety of low temperatures and fine tips the surgeon is assured of precise pinpoint haemostasis. All disposable cauteries are individually packaged sterile, 10 per box. AAA90 has a one-year shelf-life due to use of AAA batteries.



Bovie Low-Temperature Fine-Tip Cautery 1300F/704C

Product Code AAA00

Pack Qty 10

Bovie Adjustable Low-Temperature Fine-Tip Cautery 700-1200F/371-649C

Product Code AAA02

Pack Qty 10

Bovie Low-Temperature Elongated Fine-Tip Cautery 1100F/593C

Product Code AAA04

Pack Qty 10

Bovie Low-Temperature Fine-Tip Micro Cautery 850F/454C

Product Code AAA90

Pack Qty 10

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