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Baby IV Armboards

Kendall IV Armboards – A soft foam cushion on an aluminium base provides maximum immobilisation of the limb while securing I.V lines. The support can be adjusted to fit around the elbow, leg or heel.  Our 3inch Premature Baby Boards are supplied complete with fixing tape which is specifically designed to securely hold the board in place.

Electrodes for monitoring of neonatal and pediatric patients, no other choice compares for quality, gentleness, reliability or value to Klear-Trace® pre-wired electrodes. Features:

• Proprietary hydrogel adhesive provides excellent skin contact for a high-quality signal
• Easy application & removal without irritating babies’ skin
• Radiolucency lets electrodes stay in place during x-ray
• Typically maintains adhesive quality for 3-7 days
• 100% tested

6201 - Kendall Baby I.V. Armboards, Premature

Product Code MI00880

Size 3"

Pack Qty 50

6202 - Kendall Baby I.V. Armboards, Small

Product Code MI00775

Size 4"

Pack Qty 50

6203 - Kendall Baby I.V. Armboards, Infant/Large

Product Code MI00850

Size 5"

Pack Qty 50

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