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Incentive Spirometers

Widely regarded as the one-stop-shop for Incentive Spirometers, Henleys Medical Supplies are able to offer devices with a number of unique features.

Incentive Spirometers are used to improve lung function. Often used post surgery, particularly for patients that have had lung surgery but also for patients recovery from cardiac and other surgery where lengthy anaesthesia and/or prolonged recovery is necessary.

Typically a patient inhales through the device and is encouraged to increase performance over a period of time using a visual indicator which differs dependending on the device being offered.

Henleys range offers a full spectrum of unique features to suit all your patients needs.



SPIRO-BALL® Incentive Spirometer has a white plunger that indicates the inspired air on a volume scale. During the inspiration the yellow ball must be kept at the medium position as long as possible.
It is provided with a label to record the patients progress. SPIRO-BALL® incoroporates
a container to place the mouthpiece after washing which has a drain for any excess water drops and provides total protection of the mouthpiece after use. The mouthpiece also includes an additional filter to avoid the inspiration of particles.


Cliniflo Incentive Spirometer is ideal for SMI treatment in elderly, paediatric or weakened patients. With flow setting as low as 100ml/sec, virtually any patient can sustain the minimum inspiratory effort required. Slow inspirations enhance collateral ventilation and minimise patient discomfort when performing post-surgical breathing exercises. To adjust the flow rate on Cliniflo, simply rotate the dial on the back of the unit until the arrow points to the desired flow rate. The dial is located on the back so the patient is not tempted to change it to a higher flow rate. A port is provided for provision of oxygen during therapy. Cliniflo is supplied with pre-assembled popple tubing, mouthpiece and instructions.



Mediflo Duo is a dual-use incentive spirometer that can be used for both sustained maximal inspiration (SMI) and positive expiratory pressure (PEP) simply by turning the product round and re-attaching the corrugated tubing. During SMI the flow regulation lid allows the unit to be adjusted according to the patient’s functional capacity, giving a sense of achievement and increased compliance. Low output values for flow and breathing effort (200ml/sec).
During PEP, slow exhalation against resistance of approx 15-20cm H2O increases intrapulmonary pressure, expands the bronchial system, encourages the transport of secretions by means of bronchial calibre fluctuations and assists treatment of pulmonary emphysema. Clear indication of correct pressure. Flow regulation via metering lid.



Tri-Ball Incentive Spirometer, or Respiratory Exerciser, helps the patient to recover normal respiration following chest or abdominal surgery. TriBall has three chambers – 600, 900 and 1200cc per/sec. Convenient holders for both tubing and mouthpiece.



Respiprogram Incentive Spirometer is typically used post surgery. Features include three chambers – 600, 900 and 1200cc, with colour-coded balls, filter and mouthpiece holder.


Respivol Incentive Spirometer for Sustained Maximal Inspiration (SMI). Specially designed for the respiratory rehabilitation of patients affected by COPD or with severely compromised respiratory function. Available in adult (5000ml – Green) and paediatric (2500ml – Blue). Sliding indicators can be used to monitor achieved results. 



Respilift adapts the Respivol device to allow expiratory therapy.

Mediflo Duo Incentive Spirometer with PEP

Product Code RTP7000

Pack Qty 20

Clinflo Lung Exerciser

Product Code RTP221200

Pack Qty 12

Tri-Ball Incentive Spirometer

Product Code RTPTB

Pack Qty 12

Respiprogram Incentive Spiromter

Product Code 1510002001

Pack Qty 1

SPIRO-BALL® Incentive Spirometer with Volume Indicator, Adult

Product Code RTPSB

Size 500-4000ml

Pack Qty 12

SPIRO-BALL® Incentive Spirometer with Volume Indicator, Paediatric

Product Code RTP259000259

Size 500-2500ML

Pack Qty 12

Respivol Incentive Spiromter, Adult

Product Code 1510007202

Size 5000ml

Colour Green

Pack Qty 1

Respivol Incentive Spiromter, Paediatric

Product Code 1510007102

Size 2500ml

Colour Blue

Pack Qty 1

Respilift attachment for Respivol

Product Code 1510008001

Pack Qty 1

Respilift Attachment for Respivol Complete with Tubing and Mouthpiece

Product Code 1510008009

Pack Qty 1

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