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KaWe Headlights


  • Ergonomic and modern design with LED technology.
  • High-powered LED with white uniform light for all kinds of diag­nostic applications such as in dentistry and ENT.
  • Coated optics ensure optimal illumination and less heat develop­ment.
  • Highly-efficient LED, therefore long battery life.
  • Aluminum cover on the joints keeps the lamp cool through con­vection and radiation, eliminating the need for additional coo­ling with noisy fans.
  • Freely adjustable illumination area size, iris shutter, and illumina­tion angle.
  • Can be used with binocular magnifying glasses.
  • Freely and easily adjustable headband thanks to an integrated levelling system. No troubling screws under hoods.
  • Replaceable forehead padding.
  • Very lightweight headlamp – approx 160 grams without rechar­geable battery, approx 390 grams with rechargeable battery. Op­timal comfort is ensured even when used for long periods of time.
  • Quick and easy replacement of the rechargeable batteries with the clip/plug system.

Technical data

Light spotAdjustable from 60mm to 110mm (at a distance of 250mm), adjustable from 120mm to 240mm (at a distance of 500mm)
Rechargeable batteryPolymer lithium
Charging time of rechargeable battery for headbandApprox. 4.5 hours
Charging time of rechargeable battery for beltApprox. 6 hours
Rechargeable battery life>500 charges
Light intensity>50,000 Lux with a light
spot diameter of 45mm (open shutter)
Battery life of rechargeable battery for headbandApprox. 12 hours
Battery life of rechargeable battery for beltApprox. 24 hours
Voltage (charger)100v~ – 240v~
Guarantee24 months from date of purchase
Colour temperature5,500 K – 6,000 K
Rechargeable battery voltage8.4v
Power3 W (LED)
WeightApprox.160g without rechargeable battery

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