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Henley Standard Beakers

All our beakers use the same 116PP beaker so that lids can be interchanged. We offer three types of lids, Wide Spout (114PP), Narrow Spout (113PP) and the ‘Heidi’ style. All lids have a small hole to allow the user to easily control the flow of fluid. These products are translucent in design for easy visual inspection of contents. They can be boiled and are microwave safe. The tight-fitting lids ensure that there is little risk of major spillage. Our beakers include clear markings graduated every 50ml up to the 200ml capacity.

Double Handle Drinking Beaker

A 260ml cream coloured drinking beaker supplied with two tight-fitting translucent lids. This product has two handles for easy use, can be autoclaved up to 135 degrees and is also microwave safe. The design of the lid allows the use of a straw or the drinking spout shown.

Henley Beaker with Narrow Spout Lid

Product Code 113116PP

Pack Qty 1

Henley Beaker with Wide Spout Lid

Product Code 114116PP

Pack Qty 1

Henley Beaker Without Lid

Product Code 116PP

Pack Qty 1

Henley Narrow Spout Lid Only

Product Code 113PP

Pack Qty 1

Henley Wide Spout Lid Only

Product Code 114PP

Pack Qty 1

Henley Beaker with ‘Heidi’ Funneled Lid

Product Code 115116PP

Pack Qty 1

Double Handle Drinking Beaker with two Lids

Product Code GPMC6250

Pack Qty 90

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