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CamProbe – Prostate Biopsy Device

CamProbeThe CAMbridge PROstate Biopsy DevicE

Simple, low-cost Local Anaesthetic Transperineal Prostate Biopsies through a simple coaxial access system

Device Intended Purpose

The CamPROBE device (Cambridge Prostate Biopsy Device) is intended to facilitate transperineal prostate biopsies under local anaesthetic.

Indications For Use

CamPROBE is indicated for use in adult males over the age of 18, with supected or known prostate cancer and who need a prostate biopsy.

Device Description

The CamPROBE device is surgically invasive, single use, sterile device consisting of a stainless steel cannula and an integrated coaxial needle.

Use Environment

Surgical operating theatres, surgical day case procedure rooms or outpatient clinics.



Multicentre safety and performance study.
• 40 patients
• Six sites


CamPROBE is safe, transferable and maintains high diagnostic yields. There were no infections, device deficiencies or safety issues
reported. The procedure was well tolerated with excellent patient-reported perception and low pain scores.


Journal of Clinical Urology, 2020, Vol 13(5) 364 – 370.

Download literature including step by step description of technique below. M028201 – CamProbe, Cambridge Prostate Biopsy Device

CamProbe – A step by step video guide

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