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Bougies & Introducers

Flexible tracheal tube introducers/bougies aid placement of tracheal tubes. Straight tip bougies or guides are typically used when changing tracheal tubes, angled (coude) tips are particularly suitable for difficult airway intubations. Our Introducers allow oxygen to be delivered during intubation, either by standard oxygen tubing or a 15mm patient connection.



  • Adult sizes, 15ch, 600mm
  • Angled tip to reduce patient trauma
  • Barium tip for X-ray visualization
  • Graduated marking for depth indication
  • Individually sterile packed
  • Latex free


  • Adult size, 15ch, 700mm
  • Sideports allow oxygen delivery
  • Individually sterile packed
  • Graduated marking for depth indication
  • Radiopaque segmentation to confirm proper placement

Disposable Soft Bougie, Angled, Adult

Product Code 1110622

Size 600mm

Gauge 15ch

Pack Qty 10

Disposable Soft Introducer, Angled, Adult

Product Code 1110701

Size 700mm

Gauge 15ch

Pack Qty 10

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