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PROCTOLUX Disposable Anoscopes


A self-contained, single use, fully disposable, cable-less and self-illuminating proctoscope designed to optimise mobility during diagnosis and treatment.

  • The exclusive ‘LUX’ system ensures the maximum light is transmitted to the end of the PROCTOLUX proctoscope. A light guide directs strong, dependable illumination from an integral light pack to the site of interest. After use the entire product including the light pack can be thrown away without the need for disassembly.
  • Within PROCTOLUX a patented mechanism (the ‘CLEAR VIEW’ system) operates to protect the light guide tip during insertion of PROCTOLUX, ensuring that in use all of the available light is delivered from the light guide to the examination site.
  • Compared with traditional products that employ non-integrated light sources the self-contained PROCTOLUX proctoscope enables procedure times to be reduced, while reducing cross infection risk. PROCTOLUX is priced to be competitive with standard products, enabling all users to benefit from the professional feature set.

One of the key criteria for PROCTOLUX was the provision of an effective illumination system, designed to be powerful, dependable and unobtrusive. For PROCTOLUX the light pack, containing batteries and a powerful LED was built into the product handle, using a clear light guide which transports the light close to the end of the product barrel ensuring it is emitted as close to the end of the device as possible. It is this unique light pack and guide that form the elements of the ‘LUX’ system, providing bright and reliable light at the point of interest.


Light for the LUX range is generated in a light pack tucked away inside the product handle. Power comes from three alkaline batteries, using a superbright LED as the source.


Light needs to be there when you want it, providing a constant high level of illumination during the procedure, preferably independent of any complexity added by external parts, wires etc. The LUX range uses a simple pull tab to activate the light allowing the user to concentrate on the procedure.

Where it’s needed

The light from the light pack is directed through an optically clear light guide, formed to ensure that the maximum light exiting is directed to the examination area.

Clear unobstructed view

During insertion the PROCTOLUX employs an obturator to both occlude the lumen of the product and enable insertion. This provides a design challenge when using a light guide light source. As well as designing the obturator to ensure smooth transition between the obturator and the product walls and providing a high gloss rounded tip, the obturator design needs to ensure that in use the light guide tip remains free of faecal matter. This is achieved by the patented ‘Clear View’ system, unique to these products. A mechanical cam operates to ensure that during insertion the cam occludes the light guide channel, and on removal lifts to clear the light guide, leaving the tip clean.

Economy without compromise

For many procedures the cost of the products used fades into insignificance when compared to the overhead and variable costs of a clinical environment. Aside from the fixed costs (facility, utilities, depreciation etc) there are the staff and variable costs to consider. While these may not be obvious at a procedure level any ability to reduce them frees funding both within and outside the department.

PROCTOLUX are self-contained, and always ready for use. There is no preparation or set up, once used the entire product is simply thrown away. The products have a high specification feature set, ensuring that the usability of the products meet the same standards as more complex and capital intensive products. With no set-up or clean-up, no need to fund (and find) chargers and power supplies, no need to sleeve cables, disinfect and store items after use, no need for duplicate capital items. PROCTOLUX can significantly reduce both turnaround time and time spent other than with the patient.

PROCTOLUX can minimise your overall procedure costs without the need to compromise on quality, feature set or usability. Contact us for more details.

Fully Disposable

After use the entire product can be thrown away; this reduces procedure turnaround times, and more importantly significantly reduces the cross infection risks. Every use is with a brand new product and PROCTOLUX can be thrown away after use. There is no need for any disassembly of the product, the entire product is disposable, including the integral light pack. While the light pack in PROCTOLUX contains batteries to power the LED, these batteries are alkaline only, so don’t contain any of the heavy metals found in most batteries and can be safely disposed of as contaminated clinical waste.

LUX system checklist

  • Total clinical freedom – patients can be examined at any suitable location
  • Self-contained – no cables, wires or mains power required
  • Maximum light intensity for at least 30 minutes, illumination continuing for much longer
  • Light directed to the end of the device where it is most effective
  • Reliably robust and ergonomic
  • Saves time – no servicing or repair of equipment
  • Reduces costs – no cleaning of cables or accessories
  • Simple disposal – straight into clinical waste
  • Single use – reducing the risk of cross contamination
  • Environmentally aware – batteries contain no Lead, Mercury, Cadmium or Lithium

LUX range – Frequently Asked Questions

Proctolux Disposable Anoscope

Product Code 702000

Size 19mm

Pack Qty 25

Proctolux Disposable Anoscope

Product Code 702010

Size 25mm

Pack Qty 25

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