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Accoson Greenlight Sphygmomanometer

  • Replacement of mercury instruments a simple matter without disruption and without loss of accuracy.
  • The accuracy of a mercury sphygmomanometer without the need for health and safety considerations.
  • None of the fragility of an aneroid gauge.
  • A bright, clear, large-scale display; the moving light indicates the cuff pressure.
  • Clinicians retain the confidence of the Riva-Rocci/Korotkoff method of measurement, with the advantage of the following aids to improve their measuring technique:
    • The cuff deflation rate is displayed to help the user deflate between 2 and 3mmHg per second as recommended by the British Hypertension Society.
    • Display design encourages measurement to 2mmHg as recommended by the British Hypertension Society.
  • Automatic pressure zero when switched on, to ensure accuracy.
  • Automatic switch-off when conditions could affect accuracy.
  • Extended battery life with low battery indicator. The battery compartment is accessible from the front in all versions of the instrument.
  • Supplied as a portable desk model which can be converted easily to a wall-mounted or mobile stand version using the kits available.
  • Supplied with coiled tubing for convenient and tidy use.
  • Complies with all the applicable requirements of the European Standards for Sphygmomanometers EN 1060-1:1995, EN 1060-2:1995, EN 1060-3:1997 and IEC EN 60601-1:1988 Medical Electrical Equipment Part 1 General Requirements for Safety.
  • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom with the technical and scientific support of the Regional Medical Physics Department of Freeman Hospital and the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The Greenlight 300 converts to a wall-mounted instrument when fitted with the wall conversion kit code AC1772, which consists of a swivel mounting bracket which allows the instrument to be turned in two directions. This gives easy viewing of the display, particularly when the instrument is placed between two beds, with cuff storage behind the manometer.

The Greenlight 300 converts to a mobile stand model when fitted with the stand conversion kit code AC1774, which consists of:

  • A large container for the cuff and tubing onto which the instrument is fitted. This is set at an angle for easy viewing.
  • An adjustable height mobile stand with five castors.

Operational range: 10ºC to 40ºC
Storage range: -20ºC to 70ºC, 0 to 100% RH
Batteries: 4 x AA/LR6 alkaline cells (not included)
Battery life (typical): 170 hours continuous use
Time from start of battery warning signal to device failure (typical): 3.5 hours continuous use
Range: -2mmHg to 300mmHg, with under-range and over-range indicators
Accuracy: Better than ± 3mmHg
Protection against electric shock: Internally powered type BF
Protection against ingress of water: IPXO
Protection against flammable anaesthetic mixtures: None

Greenlight 300 with Adult Velcro Cuff

Product Code AC0702

Pack Qty 1

Greenlight 300 with WR Velcro Cuff

Product Code AC0709

Pack Qty 1

Greenlight 300 Gauge Only

Product Code AC0770

Pack Qty 1

Greenlight 300 Wall Model Conversion Kit

Product Code AC1772

Pack Qty 1

Greenlight 300 Stand Model Conversion Kit

Product Code AC1774

Pack Qty 1

Greenlight 300 Calibration Test Kit

Product Code AC0701

Pack Qty 1

Greenlight 300 Carrying Case with Zipper

Product Code AC1775

Pack Qty 1

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