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10 & 12 Lead ECG Cables and Accessories

We offer an extensive rangeĀ  of 10 & 12 Lead ECG Cables. The following products options are available for almost every ECG machine including Bosch, Burdick, Fukuda Denshi, Fukuda ME, GE Marquette, Hellige, Kenz, Mortara, Nihon Kohden, Phillips HP, Schiller, Siemens, Spacelabs……………….

Our 10 & 12 Lead ECG Cables can be supplied in the following configurations;

  • OEM Trunk Only
  • Moulded with 4mm Plugs
  • Moulded with Needles
  • Moulded with Pinch Clamps

We offer 90cm replacement leadwires for OEM trunk cables in the following configurations;

  • Press Studs
  • Pinch Clamps
  • 4mm Plugs
  • 3mm Needles

We also offer ECG cable adaptors.

Making sure you choose the right ECG cable can be quite difficult, which is why we don’t list any ECG products codes on this page. To ensure our product meets your needs and is the right configuration, we always recommend calling our Customer Care Team on 01707 385226 so we can check compatibility, provide you with the correct price and part no, reassuring you that you will get the right product when you are ready to order.

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