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Vomit Bags

The CareBag® Vomit Bag with Superabsorbent Pad was specifically designed to replace the traditional emesis basin and can be used by children or adults. Housed in a convenient dispenser box, the individual bag absorbs emesis in seconds and confines odours. When closed and tied, the vomit bag eliminates clean-up associated with disposable or reusable emesis basins.

• Ready-to-use
• Reduces risks and costs associated with HAI
• Eliminates cleaning and disinfection of emesis basins
• Eliminates odours when completely closed
• Reduces storage space
• Saves personnel time
• More practical than traditional emesis basins
• Reduces costs and eliminates an unpleasant task for personnel
• Minimizes personnel exposure to body fluids and waste

Ideal for Use In:

• Pre- and Post-Operative Units
• Emergency Transport
• Outpatient Settings and Clinics
• Oncology and Radiology Units
• Emergency Departments
• Geriatrics and Paediatrics

CareBag® Vomit Bags

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