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Throat Scope

What is Throat Scope?

Throat Scope is an all-in-one light, tongue depressor and retraction tool. Throat Scope lights up inside the mouth to give you a clear view of the throat, teeth, palate and gums. Throat Scope provides an affordable light source located inside the mouth for an Easy, Fast, Accurate one handed Oral Examination. Throat Scope is used by Medical Professionals in Clinics, Hospitals, Universities and Throat Scope is used by Consumers at home.

Throat Scope has a reusable handle, which doubles as a handy light source. The disposable blades are simply attached the handle which instantly and automatically activates the light to provide the perfect tool for mouth and throat examination. The light source is deactivated immediately once the blade is removed.

Throat Scope can be used with a convenient lanyard that attaches directly to the light source and used over and over again.

Unlike using a conventional tongue depressor and pen lights, Throat Scope has the following advantages.

  • Disposable Blade
  • Ease Of Use
  • 20 Hour Continuous Battery Life
  • Blade Illuminates The Entire Mouth
  • Re-Useable Handle
  • Bright White Led Light Doubles As A Torch
  • Fast & Accurate Assessment
  • One Handed Operation
  • Great for Non-Complaint Patients

Why use Throat Scope?

Throat Scope lights up the throat, teeth, palate and gums for an accurate and clear view inside the mouth. Medical Professionals use Throat Scope to complete routine oral cavity examinations, oral health screenings, oral cancer screenings, oral mechanism examinations, articulation therapy and feeding therapy. Consumers use Throat Scope to check for a sore throat, tonsillitis, sore tooth, mouth ulcer, mouth sore or gum infection.

Check out the Throat Scope Youtube channel where you will find lots of useful videos

Throat Scope Illuminated Tongue Depressor Starter Kit (1 Reusable Handle, 2 Disposable Blades)

Product Code TS107

Pack Qty Each

Throat Scope Disposable Blades

Product Code TS102

Pack Qty 50

Throat Scope Light Source lanyard

Product Code TS110

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