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Silicon Pads for DIN Trays

Used during sterilisation to position instruments in DIN and mesh trays. Silicone Mats are designed to fit most metal DIN trays as well as many of our polyproylene instrument trays. They have a minimum temperature resistance of -60°C and a maximum of 250°C. The vents increase water immersion and promote rapid drainage. These products can be cleaned for a minimum of 1000 cycles in washer/disinfector machines (compliant with ISO15883) and steam-sterilised in autoclaves (compliant with HTM2010, HTM2030, BS3970 and ISO17665). Various sizes are available, all in pink.

Silicone Mat 230 X 132mm, For MESHM Trays and Small Metal Din Trays

Product Code MAT230130

Pack Qty Each

Silicone Mat 280 X 230mm, For MESHL, PERFL and IT300 Trays

Product Code MAT280230

Pack Qty Each

Silicone Mat 270 X 190mm, For MESHXL, PERFXl Trays (Half Tray Only)

Product Code MAT270190

Pack Qty Each

Silicone Mat 230 X 220mm, For MESHLL (Half Tray Only)

Product Code MAT230220

Pack Qty Each

Silicone Roll 1m Length With 10 Divisible Sections 245 X 100 (X10)mm

Product Code MAT10

Pack Qty Each

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