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Patient Warming Blankets

Specially designed, developed and manufactured in-house at Orvecare in the UK, Orve+Wrap pro-actively warms and maintains normothermia without the requirement of a secondary heat source. Maintaining core temperature above 36 degrees is crucial to improving patient outcome.

Suitable for emergency situations and operations where set up time is limited, the Orve+Wrap is easily manipulated, tailored and cut without damaging its integrity, enabling patient operating areas to be accessed with ease. Surgical fields can also be extended without disruption to the operation. Rest instruments on Orve+Wrap without the risk of damage to the blanket.

Lightweight, compact, soft and reflective, Ovre+Wrap is also perfect for use in everyday emergency and rescue situations.

• Alleviate hypothermia
• Barrier to bacteria
• Non-conductive and radiolucent
• Safe for use with diathermy and laser treatments
• Maintain normothermia
• Latex free
• Low linting
• Shower proof
• Single use
• Recyclable
• Compact lightweight and easy to store
• High visibility levels increasing patient safety
• BS EN ISO12952:2012 fire retardancy test

Ideal for
• Pre, post and intra-operative warming
• A&E
• Critical care
• General ward use
• Emergency response services

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Ovre+Wrap Pre/Post Operative Thermal Blanket

Product Code ORVWR10N09

Size 2 m x 1.5 m

Pack Qty 1

Ovre+Wrap Pre/Post Operative Thermal Blanket

Product Code ORVWR10N10

Size 1 m x 1.5 m

Pack Qty 1

Ovre+Wrap Thermal Poncho for Wheelchair Use

Product Code ORVWR10N14

Size 1 size fits all

Pack Qty 1

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