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Nipset® Blood Pressure Cuff Connection System

Nipset® is designed to safely reduce compatibility problems between cuff and monitor types. The Nipset system incorporates two connectors, one BLUE and one GREEN. Simply attach the GREEN connector to the monitor hose and the BLUE connector to your cuff hose to create a safe, 100% air-tight, cost-effective method for connecting your blood pressure cuffs.

We are able to supply Blood Pressure Cuffs pre-fitted with Nipset® connections. Please call our Customer Care team to discuss your requirements on 01707 385226.

Nipset® Hose-End Connection - Single Tube

Product Code F001

Colour Green

Pack Qty 5

Nipset® Hose-End Connection - Double Tube

Product Code F002

Colour Green

Pack Qty 5

Nipset® Cuff-End Connection - Single Tube

Product Code M003

Colour Blue

Pack Qty 20

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