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HEINE Cube System

Simple, flexible and at a fair price

  • Plug & Play solution. No installation of software on existing IT equipment.
  • Individual & flexible illustration of work processes.
  • Picture comparison for differential diagnosis and progress monitoring.
  • Integration into patient management systems via the standard GDT interface.

Simple Set Up. It’s as simple as connecting your new mobile phone or new computer to your wireless network. Unpack the HEINE Cube, switch it on and use the provided access code to connect to the HEINE Cube integrated Wireless Network Hotspot from your PC, Laptop or Tablet web browser.

Fast Image Capture. With the iPhone* in combination with the HEINE iC1, DELTA30 or DELTAone you can now capture high quality clinical or dermatological images fast, wireless, assign them to a body map, take notes and automatically update the patient file.

Easy to use. You can now conveniently work with the information from your choice of device such as a Tablet, Laptop, or your office PC through the Web Browser Interface. Easily compare images with 40 x true magnification, add notes and further information, or print out the Patient Information as a PDF. Only available in specific countries, for more information contact us.

Our developers have worked particularly hard, to make your work particularly easy.The day is off to a good start: Handy daily list. The Cube System will transfer all the patient data from your patient management system into a daily or task list at the touch of a button. In order of appointment, the doctor can now access the digital patient file from any computer. Daily lists can be created for different examination rooms and different doctors.

Simple is the way to go: Easy picture management. Its up to you whether you prefer full-body, individual, serial images or to comment on any of your images immediately or at a later time; the overview feature is unique. For example, when you photograph a patient’s entire torso, detailed images can easily be placed on this overview photograph.

Identifying suspects immediately: Clear and insightful. The exclusive ‘comparison wizard’ function shows the series of pictures taken during previous appointments and helps to make differences far clearer.

Impressive: Wireless picture transfer in real time. When you take a picture, it is instantly transferred to the HEINE Cube over a wireless network and then deleted from the memory. So it’s available on the computer or tablet straight after being taken – and is even accessible to other users too.

Maintaining an overview: Smart ideas for serial documentation. You can directly compare current pictures with previous ones during the examination. Or to show four photos side by side to assist with illustrating progression over time. Or to create a slide-over solution, by placing one image on top of another. Or to perform a contour comparison, where you put a previous picture’s contours over the current shot.

Download HEINE Cube QuickStart Guide HERE


HEINE Cube System**, consists of: HEINE Cube hardware, HEINE Cube software, 3 hours remote support within the first week after the initial installation, software updates for a period of 2 years, 2 years hardware guarantee on the HEINE Cube (up to 10 clients)

Product Code O-160.00.002

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