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ECG Electrodes

Kendall ECG Electrodes

We offer a wide range of Kendall ECG Electrodes, these include long & short term electrodes, solid & wet gel electrodes, Stress, Holter, Resting and pre-wired neonatal electrodes. Use the tables below to help you choose the perfect electrode for your application.

Kendall ECG Long-Term Monitoring Electrodes

Fast formula hydrogel for reduced skin impedance on application.

Image (click to enlarge)Cat NoSize (mm)GelConnectionBackingPc/PouchPc/Pack
H92SG57×34SolidPress StudFoam50500
H91TSG*57×34SolidPress StudFoam50500
H98SG55SolidPress StudMicropore30300
H99SG55SolidPress StudCloth30300
H34SG*50×45SolidPress StudFoam3030

∗ – Suitable for X-Ray, MRI and CRT

Kendall ECG Long-Term Monitoring Electrodes, Smaller sizes

For paediatric, neurological and specialist applications. H59 is a full-surface electrode designed to be repositioned without sacrificing adhesion.

Image (click to enlarge)Cat NoSize (mm)GelConnectionBackingPc/PouchPc/Pack
H135SG30SolidPress StudFoam50500
H12424SolidPress StudFoam5050
H93SG42×24SolidPress StudFoam50500
H5935×22SolidPress StudCloth30450
3107813535SolidPress StudFoam30600

Kendall ECG Short-Term Monitoring Electrodes

With particularly low skin impedance, ideal for emergency applications such as monitoring during and after defibrillation. Also suitable for stress testing.

Image (click to enlarge)Cat NoSize (mm)GelConnectionBackingPc/PouchPc/Pack
H135LG40LiquidPress StudFoam30300
H1354LG40Liquid4mm BananaFoam20200
H66LG55LiquidPress StudFoam30300
H98LG55LiquidPress StudMicropore30300
H99LG55LiquidPress StudCloth30300

Kendall ECG Stress and Holter Electrodes

With strong hydrogel or liquid gel adhesive.

Image (click to enlarge)Cat NoSize (mm)GelConnectionBackingPc/PouchPc/Pack
H91SSG48×34SolidPress StudFoam50500
H34LG**45LiquidPress StudFoam30300
31013926*45SolidPress StudFoam30600

∗ – Suitable for X-Ray      ∗∗ – Suitable for washing and showering

Kendall Diagnostic (Resting) ECG Electrodes

Image (click to enlarge)Cat NoSize (mm)GelConnectionBackingPc/PouchPc/Pack
31433538*23×25SolidTabClear Tape1004000
30807732*22×31SolidTabClear Tape1002000
H914P48×34Solid4mm BananaFoam3030

∗ – Suitable for X-Ray

Kendall Neonatal ECG Electrodes

Image (click to enlarge)Cat NoSize (mm)GelConnectionLeadwire ColourBackingPc/PouchPc/Pack
H87P30Polymer1.5mm DIN, 60cm leadwireRed, Yellow, BlackMicropore10×3120
H203PGT*30×22Polymer4mm Banana, 90cm leadwireWhiteMicropore3090
H207PT*30×22Polymer1.5mm DIN, 90cm leadwireWhiteMicropore3090
1041PTS*25Polymer1.5mm DIN, 60cm leadwireGreen, Black, WhiteClear Tape3300
1042PTS*30×22Polymer1.5mm DIN, 60cm leadwireGreen, Black, WhiteClear Tape3300

∗ – Suitable for X-Ray

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