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Chemo Mouthpiece Kit

Chemo Mouthpiece – A New Way to Treat Oral Mucositis (Mouth Sores).

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Find Relief from Oral Mucositis Caused by Chemotherapy

Chemo Mouthpiece is a safe, reliable, and easy-to-use cryotherapy device that can effectively minimize the painful effects of oral mucositis caused by chemotherapy.

An Innovative New Way to Fight Oral Mucositis

While some products may be able to help alleviate the pain of oral mucositis, Chemo Mouthpiece reduces the severity of symptoms before they can occur. It uses near-freezing temperatures to shrink the blood vessels of the mouth while chemotherapy drugs are being administered, making it harder for the drugs to reach the oral cavity.

By limiting the amount of harmful chemicals that can interact with the tissues of the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, and palate, Chemo Mouthpiece can help combat the worst of the symptoms of oral mucositis. And just as an ice pack can help soothe many common injuries, so too does the cooling sensation of the mouthpiece help with any discomfort or inflammation.

An Ice Pack for Inside the Mouth to Combat Oral Mucositis

Chemo Mouthpiece

Chemo Mouthpiece is essentially an ice pack for inside your mouth, but unlike ice chips or popsicles, it cools the oral cavity uniformly. It’s also tolerable for those with sensitive teeth. Avoid debilitating complications and save thousands on unnecessary procedures with this one easy-to-use device. 

About Chemo Mouthpiece

One of the most difficult yet underreported side effects of chemotherapy is oral mucositis. This painful condition occurs when toxic medications aimed at eliminating cancer reach the healthy tissues of the mouth, causing painful ulcers and inflammation that, in its more severe forms, can make eating, drinking and talking all but impossible for patients.

The answer to this problem came from a cancer survivor and engineer named David Yoskowitz who struggled with oral mucositis during his recovery from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His solution, Chemo Mouthpiece, is an easy-to-use device that applies near-freezing temperatures to the entire mouth while chemo drugs enter the body. This cold constricts the blood vessels in the mouth to limit the amount of toxic chemicals that can circulate through the tissue.

By limiting the mouth’s exposure to the chemotherapy medication, you can reduce the severity of oral mucositis. Plus, the cold soothes inflamed tissue and provides relief at the same time – and all it takes is a single convenient, reusable product: Chemo Mouthpiece.

Chemo Mouthpiece was founded by cancer survivor David Yoskowitz. Watch the video to learn about how his victory over cancer inspired him to help others.


At Chemo Mouthpiece, our mission is to reduce suffering for cancer patients going through treatment by using our product to help manage some of the unfortunate, painful side effects caused from chemotherapy drugs.

One Patient’s Journey

Oral mucositis is one of the most difficult yet underreported side effects of chemotherapy. The painful ulcers, inflamed gums, and cracked lips can cause a whole host of complications that severely impact patients’ health; in some cases, medical expenses related to oral mucositis can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Use the Chemo Mouthpiece Over and Over Again

Because it is made of durable, FDA medical-grade silicone, the Chemo Mouthpiece can be reused throughout the duration of your treatment, for up to one year. Simply wash the mouthpiece with soap and hot water after each use, making sure to clean the breathing tubes with the supplied brush. If you have an open wound in your mouth, apply an antibacterial denture cleanser to disinfect the mouthpiece and allow it to dry before returning it to your freezer.For longer infusions, just bring your second Chemo Mouthpiece with you to treatment in the provided stainless steel cooler. This will allow you to have a second, frozen Chemo Mouthpiece ready for use as soon as your first one has thawed.For Convenient Use in Any SettingNo matter where you receive your chemotherapy treatments, the Chemo Mouthpiece can accompany you. For home use, simply store the mouthpiece in your freezer, allowing at least six hours for it to completely freeze. When you’re ready to use it, remove it from your freezer and slide it into the insulated sleeve.For travel, slide the mouthpiece into the insulated sleeve and place it into the cooler provided along with the frozen ice pack, then put the cooler in the carrying bag. This will keep the mouthpiece frozen for up to 8 hours and allow you to bring it along to your treatment facility.

The value of the Chemo Mouthpiece for patients lies in its ability to minimize the worst of the symptoms from developing at all. Although it is only one part of what makes cancer so devastating, limiting the intensity of oral mucositis can bring huge benefits to patients’ quality of life: the infections, dehydration, malnutrition, and other conditions that can accompany oral mucositis are not only painful and expensive, but can also delay cancer treatments and ultimately hurt a patient’s overall prognosis. The good news is that avoiding these obstacles only takes one safe, simple, reusable device: the Chemo Mouthpiece.

For Convenient Use in Any Setting

No matter where you receive your chemotherapy treatments, the Chemo Mouthpiece can accompany you. For home use, simply store the mouthpiece in your freezer, allowing at least six hours for it to completely freeze. When you’re ready to use it, remove it from your freezer and slide it into the insulated sleeve.

For travel, slide the mouthpiece into the insulated sleeve and place it into the cooler provided along with the frozen ice pack, then put the cooler in the carrying bag. This will keep the mouthpiece frozen for up to 8 hours and allow you to bring it along to your treatment facility.

How Chemo Mouthpiece Saves You Money

Oral Mucositis Costs $42,000 Per Patient*

When compared to some of the more widely known side effects of chemotherapy, oral mucositis (the painful mouth sores) may seem like a lesser concern. However, the complications linked to this condition can produce serious delays in a patient’s recovery; in fact, those who develop chemo-induced mucositis tend to be hospitalized 3-6 days longer per cycle of therapy. Just a 1-point increase in the OMAS scale, which doctors use to measure the severity of oral mucositis, has been associated with longer fevers and a higher risk of infection, among other problems. Chemo Mouthpiece will either help prevent the mouth sores before they occur or significantly reduce their severity, thus potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

It’s A One-Time Purchase

When you invest in a Chemo Mouthpiece, you are getting a single device that you can use every day for as long as your chemotherapy treatment continues. No more continual refills of your temporary mouthwash, gel, or other numbing agents for your mouth.

Average Complications with 1-Point Increase in Oral Mucositis Severity
1x 2.1x 2.7x 2.6x 2.6x
Additional days with fever Increased risk of infection Additional days of IV nutrition Days of narcotic treatments Additional days in the hospita

Connect with Chemo Mouthpiece


*(Source; National Center for Biotechnology Information) Not only does oral mucositis lead to significant physical suffering, but it can inflict a great deal of financial pain as well. Expenses related to pain management, nutrition, and hydration support can be staggering; in one study, treatments for oral mucositis cost between $1,700 and $6,000 per patient, with additional hospital costs reaching as high as $25,000 per patient. Overall, oral mucositis costs each patient an average of $42,749 in healthcare expenses, making the mitigation of symptoms more than simply a matter of comfort or convenience – it can substantially reduce your medical expenses as well.

Buy Chemo Mouthpiece from Our Webshop

Just £226.14 (inc VAT) (free UK delivery)

Chemo Mouthpiece Kit - 2 Chemo Mouthpieces, 2 Insulated Sleeves, 2 Cleaning Brushes, 1 Insulated Stainless Steel Cooler, 1 Cooler Carrying Bag, 1 Ice Pack

Product Code 1000004

To put it simply, Chemo Mouthpiece is essentially an ice pack for inside the mouth. It’s an oral cryotherapy device designed for cancer patients to use during treatment as a proactive approach for fighting oral mucositis. It is a safe and effective cold therapy method that helps to keep the oral mucositis causing treatment drugs out of the mouth by narrowing the blood vessels (vasoconstriction).

Comfort is relative. The Chemo Mouthpiece is a cryotherapy device and fills the entire oral cavity, compressing against the gums and entire palate, so it will feel very cold and unnatural at first. However, compared to ice chips, or even worse, oral mucositis, the Chemo Mouthpiece is the more comfortable option. The fact that it fills the entire oral cavity is what makes the mouthpiece so effective at combating oral mucositis. If you find the mouthpiece to be too cold, allow it to sit and thaw for five minutes before placing it in the mouth.

Most patients don’t have a problem getting the mouthpiece in, as one size fits most adults. We’ve even had children as young as 8 years old use the mouthpiece. To see how to properly use the mouthpiece refer to the following video: How to Properly Use The Chemo Mouthpiece

While head and neck cancer patients have an extremely high rate of oral mucositis, we strongly suggest talking to your oncology team before purchasing the mouthpiece. In many head and neck cancers having the chemo drugs reach the mouth is crucial to treatment and therefore, restricting the flow of these drugs to the oral cavity could be counter-productive. Please contact your oncologist and ask if oral cryotherapy is appropriate for your specific cancer and chemo regimen.

Chemo Mouthpiece is made of FDA medical grade silicone, FDA approved plastic (breathing tubes), water and a proprietary saline solution. It’s also 100% non-toxic.

Intraoral cryotherapy is a type of cold therapy using forms of ice, ice chips, ice water, ice pops, etc. to treat the oral cavity (inside the mouth). It’s a proven prevention method for oral mucositis.

Oral mucositis is a common side effect of cancer treatment that can result in redness, swelling, and painful mouth sores. It is a significant health issue for cancer patients going through treatment and is cited as the most troubling side effect by more than 40% of patients. It can lead to further health complications that can have a negative effect on their treatment plan. Symptoms from OM can make it extremely difficult for patients to eat, drink, swallow, speak or even sleep normally. It can cause breaks in treatment, infections, significant weight loss and can be a large financial burden as well.

40% of all cancer patients going through chemotherapy treatment are susceptible to this terrible side effect and up to 80% of those patients receiving high dose chemotherapy are at risk of oral mucositis.

According to the Mayo Clinic Staff, “Chemotherapy and radiation — alone or combined — can cause mouth sores. That’s because these cancer treatments are intended to kill rapidly growing cells, such as cancer cells. Some healthy cells in your body also divide and grow rapidly, including the cells that line the inside of your mouth. Unfortunately, these healthy cells are also damaged by chemotherapy and radiation. Damage to the cells in your mouth makes it difficult for your mouth to heal itself and to fend off germs, leading to sores and infections. Both chemotherapy and radiation can impair your body’s germ-fighting system (immune system). With an impaired immune system, viruses, bacteria and fungi can more easily infect your mouth, causing mouth sores or making mouth sores worse.”

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Yes, Chemo Mouthpiece was engineered by a cancer patient with fellow patients in mind. It’s simple makeup of FDA medical grade silicone/plastic, water and proprietary saline solution assure patients it’s a safe and effective non-toxic device. Remember to follow proper care instructions to keep the device clean.

Oral cryotherapy is a proven prevention method for oral mucositis because it constricts the blood vessels, limiting the dose of mucotoxic drugs that reach the oral cavity. The best way for oral cryotherapy to succeed is by covering as much surface area as possible within the mouth, which Chemo Mouthpiece does. With ice chips, the oral cavity isn’t cooled entirely as they tend to only cool the lower portion of the mouth, so unless your mouth is completely filled to the brim with ice, they are less effective. It’s difficult to get ice all over the mouth, but Chemo Mouthpiece™ cools the entire oral cavity, including gums, tongue, and palate, which is better for prevention. Intraoral scanning has proven this. It also cools the oral cavity to a much lower temperature than ice can. Ice chips aren’t always tolerable by those with sensitive teeth, but Chemo Mouthpiece™ can be used by those patients who have a sensitivity to cold or ice thanks to the silcone acting as a barrier between the cold and teeth. Ice chips can also cause nausea and constantly have to be refilled in the mouth. As compared to ice chips, Chemo Mouthpiece™ fills the entire mouth, each device filling the entire oral cavity effectively for 30+ minutes.

Yes, this is a multi-use device and is intended to be used during the course of your entire treatment. If properly stored and cleaned, the device will last up to two years.

Yes, that is one of the benefits of Chemo Mouthpiece™. When compared to other forms of oral cryotherapy, it can be tolerated by those with sensitive teeth since the outer chamber is made of FDA-approved silicone (the part that touches the teeth) isn’t frozen solid.

Use Chemo Mouthpiece anytime you are advised to use ice chips or other forms of oral cryotherapy. It’s best to consult with your oncology nurse or oncologist about appropriate times to use during treatment, but typically it’s been advised to use 5 minutes prior to treatment during the infusion of the half-life drugs that cause oral mucositis and 5 minutes after. It’s also been advised to use periodically at home as well to help with swelling or any other pain inside the mouth. Consult with your health care professional for further assistance regarding usage times.

The inner chamber of the unit will stay frozen for 30+ minutes. If travelling with the unit in the provided insulated cooler, it can stay frozen for up to 8 hours.This allows patients to travel to and from treatment with a ready to go unit.

A Patient Kit comes with 2 Chemo Mouthpieces, 1 insulated cooler, 1 insulated cooler carrying bag, 2 insulated sleeves, 2 cleaning brushes, and 1 ice pack.

Each unit weighs less than 500g

After use, clean with hot water and soap as directed. Don’t forget to use the provided cleaning brush to clean the breathing tubes. The unit can also be cleaned with denture cleanser as well. Do not boil or put your mouthpiece in the dishwasher.

While using Chemo Mouthpiece, you can, of course, breathe out of your nose, but part of its advanced design is that you can breathe normally through the breathing tubes. The 2 breathing tubes run through the unit allowing for easy breathing through the mouth.

Here at Chemo Mouthpiece, we have travelled both domestically and internationally and have not had any trouble with them in our checked luggage. An additional suggestion would be to keep the Chemo Mouthpiece devices in their sealed plastic bags and place them in a larger clear plastic bag and label it “Medical Devices.” You could also keep the ‘Instructions For Use’ paperwork next to the units, further illustrating their medical purpose. This may be an over-abundance of caution because those packages are already labelled and coded as Chemo Mouthpiece, which is an FDA-registered medical device.

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