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EZPAP® Positive Airway Pressure System

Lung expansion therapy to prevent or reverse atelectasis

When incentive spirometry alone won’t open patients’ airways, consider EzPAP® as your next option. It makes providing positive airway pressure positively easy. Simply connect to a flow meter (wall air or O2 for enhanced FiO2), adjust to 5-15 lpm, and instruct the patient to breathe diaphragmatically through the mouthpiece or mask. No equipment to roll around. No labour-intensive CPT. No extensive training. Just a few minutes as prescribed—not for hours at a time. EzPAP® features a pressure port for connection to a gauge (recommended for initial use with each patient), and a standard 22mm OD fitting to accommodate a mouthpiece or 3 mask options.

The EASY option for atelectasis. Try it once and you’ll understand.


Easy to meet individual patient needs

While monitoring with a gauge, slowly adjust the flow meter until the desired airway pressures are reached.
Slow inhalations and exhalations should maintain adequate airway pressure throughout the breathing cycle.
The EzPAP® Positive Airway Pressure System includes the EzPAP® lung expansion device, mouthpiece or cushion mask, pressure port cap, and 2.1m (7ft) of tubing.
Also available with pressure gauge.

EzPAP® with Mouthpiece

Product Code 230747

Pack Qty 10

EzPAP® with Air Cushion Mask

Product Code 232747

Pack Qty Each

EzPAP® with Mouthpiece & Pressure Gauge

Product Code 230757

Pack Qty 10

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