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What is Qardio

Qardio produce a range of wearable devices that monitor blood pressure, weight and heart condition in real-time using a smart phone app connected to the cloud. Qardio product are not only an excellent choice for individuals but they can also be used with QardioMD (when licensed) which allow clinician to monitor patient in real time via a web based portal.

QardioMD is a web portal designed to allow clinicians and doctors to analyse and display data collected in real time by the QardioCore wearable ECG device and/or the QardioArm Blood Pressure device & QardioBase Scale and Body Analyser.

How it works

Patients wears the QardioCore ECG monitoring device in the comfort of their home and/or regularly takes a measurement with the QardioArm Blood Pressure monitor or QardioBase Weight and Body Scales. This saves time for themselves and their doctor. The data is collected by the mobile app and in real time which is then analysed and charted automatically for the doctor to view using the QardioMD cloud based system. QardioMD uses algorithms to analyse incoming data against patient’s individual markers, automatically prioritising patients who need the most attention.

  • Patients Use QardioCore
  • Doctors/Clinicians Get QardioMD
  • Qardio Does the Rest

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