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Successful Trial of Water-Jel R1R2 Advanced Skin Care

We are pleased to announce that the Advanced Skin Care Protection for Radiotherapy trial using R1R2 at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre been completed.

Water-Jel R1R2 is an advanced skin defence product to cool, hydrate, soothe and heal skin damage during and after radiation therapy. R1 Cooling Gel is the first step of the full R1 & R2 Treatment. It cools, relieves pain and hydrates the skin. R2 Soothing Lotion is the second step of the full R1 & R2 treatment. It hydrates and soothes the skin damaged by radiation.

Clatterbridge Testimonial

Patients receiving radiotherapy with concurrent chemotherapy for anal cancer are prone to quite severe skin reactions. This includes areas of moist desquamation which can be extremely painful and difficult to manage.

We have been using Aquamax cream, then Polymen dressings on moist desquamation, which are difficult to keep in place. Sometimes our patients are admitted for pain control and management of skin reaction.

I have conducted a small trial using R1 and R2 on a group of 10 patients with anal cancer.

I found that the patients who used R1 and R2 and followed the instructions meticulously, had good results. Moist desquamation was delayed, sometimes only developing after treatment completed. The area of moist desquamation was generally smaller and in some patients seemed to heal more quickly.

Most patients reported that they found R1 and R2 very soothing.

Kim Lewis

Colorectal Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Wirral, Merseyside.

Henleys Medical Supplies
17 May 2018

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