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QardioCore and QardioMD to revolutionise ECG monitoring

Henleys Medical Supplies is proud to announce the launch of QardioCore and Qardio MD.

QardioCore is a revolutionary ECG monitor and a first of its kind heart monitor that doesn’t require patches, wires or skin preparation to provide a continuous medical grade ECG trace. Its unique design makes it the most convenient tool for doctors and their patients to record contextual heart health data. QardioCore combines the advantages of wireless technology with real time continuous analysis of patient’s cardiac rhythm into an all-in-one monitoring system.

QardioCore is the only monitor that offers full flexibility when it comes to monitoring time. Unlike traditional Holter monitors and ECG patches, it doesn’t adhere to the skin, it’s easy to use and can be worn for an unlimited amount of time, eliminating the need for additional tests and surgery visits. QardioCore, used with QardioMD software, gives physicians the ability to monitor a patient for just the right amount of time, applying arrhythmia algorithms to the patient’s data, to screen and monitor heart behavior in real time. With QardioCore, clinicians never have to guess if a patient needs a 24-hour Holter or a one week test – QardioCore records data continuously and analyses the trace automatically, notifying clinicians when an event has been detected.

Henleys are setting up trials with a number of U.K. Acute NHS Trusts across the country and the reaction has been tremendous thus far. Keep visiting this page for further updates.

Henleys Medical Supplies
10 May 2018

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