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Henleys Medical Supplies partner Henleyshomecare for on-line consumer sales of Incontinence Pants


Who are Henleyshomecare?

Henleyshomecare are a trading partner of Henley Medical Supplies. Specifically created to offer incontinence Pants to on-line consumer. Henleyshomecare offer a wholly different buying experience to Henleys Medical Supplies. unlike Henleys Medical Supplies who operate predominantly in the NHS secondary care market, Henleyshomecare are fully equipped for on-line consumer sales.

Henleyshomecare do not charge for delivery. As a small business they are able to trade below the VAT threshold so customers can at least for the time being, benefit from VAT free purchases. Henleyshomecare are able to offer competitive pricing, have no minimum order spends and take payment using most major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal on a safe and secure platform.
Henleys Medical Supplies provide Henleyshomecare with full support and in return Henleyshomecare commit to maintaining levels of service and competence equal to that of Henleys Medical Supplies, sharing ethos and values.

Much consideration has been taken by Henleys Medical Supplies in choosing a partner and we are confident that customers will find their service both efficient and rewarding. Henleys Medical Supplies are proud partners and look forward to working with Henleyshomecare now and in the future.



Henleys Medical Supplies Board of Directors


Scott Henley
7 Nov 2019

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