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Qardio is an award-winning digital health company that brings innovative technologies, elegant design and medical accuracy to the next generation of connected health solutions. Our mission is to transform the healthcare industry with  simpler smarter and more effective solutions for everyone: patients, doctors and healthcare providers.


QardioMD is a web portal designed to analyze and display data collected by Qardio devices.
QardioMD is not avaialble to purchase on-line, it is designed for use by a qualified professional. If you are a qualified professional please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to demonstrate QardioND to you.  Simply email us at
How it works

Patients use Qardio device

Patients monitor their health from the comfort of their home, saving time for themselves and their doctor, while also generating far more frequent blood pressure data.

Doctors get QardioMD

The cloud-based QardioMD portal collects patients’ data which is then analyzed and charted automatically for the doctor to view. 

Qardio does the rest

Qardio uses algorithms to analyze incoming data against patient’s individual markers, automatically prioritizing patients who need the most attention.
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Algorithmic Analysis
  • Patient Prioritization



Our Connected Devices


QardioCore QardioArm QardioBase
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Clinically Validated
  • Weight Managment
  • BMI, Body Fat, Muscle
  • Smart Feedback
  • Continuous ECG
  • Activity Tracking
  • 360 Heart Health

Connected devices can be used by patients independently with feedback being provided using a smartphone app, click a connected device above to see details and how to order.


Case study:

Large private practice offers better care and increases revenue without increasing staff help or additional spending using QardioMD platform.
Challenge - A large family doctor practice with a substantial number of chronic condition patients needed a more efficient way to monitor their patients. Up to 15% of patient visits were routine visits to measure blood pressure for hypertension medication adjustment. 
The practice recognized that in order to grow the practice without increased financial commitment and larger staff, it
needed a better way to handle the large number of routine patient visits.
Client's Objective
  • Continue to provide high quality care without additional financial commitment.
  • Improve revenue model by adding service without requiring additional staff.
  • Implement additional revenue stream.
  • No IT work required.

Solution - QardioArm smart blood pressure monitors were provided to hypertensive patients in need of frequent routine visits. Physician’s office signed up for the free version of QardioMD web-based account to collectively monitor patient's’ home collected data. Other eligible patients were invited to participate in this remote monitoring service.

Benefits - Physician’s office saw an immediate reduction of routine visits to measure blood pressure. In addition, several other goals were achieve as a result of using Qardio platform:

  • Changes to prescription and treatment now handled electronically.
  • Faster recognition of medication side effects and non-compliance.
  • More complete and accurate blood pressure data. (eliminate “white-coat syndrome)
  • Additional ongoing revenue achieved by billing code for remote monitoring.
  • Freeing up capacity reduced appointment waiting times and opened up capacity to take on more patients.
  • Fast, no cost implementation.

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