Hospicode Colour Coded Medilabel System


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The Hospicode® Medilabel Colour-Coded Labelling System is totally compliant with the International Standard ISO 26825. Groups of drugs are easily identified by colour and better than any other system the Hospicode® Medilabel Colour Coded Labelling System is also supplied in colour coded boxes for even easier, safer and more convenient use.  

The Hospicode® Medilabel system is the U.K. No1 for syringe labelling. Used in hospitals throughout the world THE system easily identifies syringe contents and dosage.

Labels for I.V. Lines are designed to allow intravenous lines to be easily recognised. The left side of the label is the same as the Hospicode® syringe labels showing drug name. The right side of the label also shows the drug name but has space for date and time, so every aspect of administration is accounted for.

Drug Additive Labels are a larger label designed for the IV bags. These show the drug name and also allow space for amount, added to, concentration, time, date, patients name, prepared by, batch no and checked by.

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Drug Additive Labels - Numerical470.39 KB
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